Facebook Inc (FB) To Let Teenagers Share Posts Publicly

Posted Oct 16, 2013

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is going to let teenagers share posts publicly.  Surely to be controversial, this could raise the risk of minors to leave a negative digital footprint.  These changes affect users between ages 13 to 17.

In the past, this age group was limited to sharing information and photos with friends or the friends of those friends.  Facebook is going to allow teenagers to share information with the public.

The public posting feature has been available for users to 18 and up for a while now.  Facebook will warn minors that are posting public items that they are exposing themselves to a broader audience and it will repeat on every post.

Facebook said that they revised the privacy rules to make their service more enjoyable for teenagers and give them a more powerful voice when they have an important point.

“Teens are among the savviest people using social media, and whether it comes to civic engagement, activism, or their thoughts on a new movie, they want to be heard,” stated Facebook.

Facebook does not allow users under age 13 to register, but they do not have a solid way to verify the age of users.