Facebook Threatens To Sue Man That Renames Himself Mark Zuckerberg

Posted Dec 19, 2011

Facebook is threatening to sue an Israeli entrepreneur named Mark Zuckerberg. This Mark Zuckerberg changed his name from Rotem Guez. Guez legally changed his name on December 7th. Guez (Zuckerberg) has a website called MarkZuckerbergOfficial.com. Guez (Zuckerberg) filed a lawsuit against Facebook in January after the social network refused to give him access to his profile.

Guez (Zuckerberg) co-founded a company called Like Store, which is a social marketing companies that promises to help companies get more people to “Like” their website.

This past September, Facebook’s law firm Perkins Coie threatened to sue Guez (Zuckerberg). Facebook said that the Like Store violates the company’s Terms of Service by selling brand fans. Facebook instructed Zuckerberg to shut down his company and never return to the social network.

Guez (Zuckerberg) created an Internet campaign for his new persona on Facebook and Twitter. On Twitter, he is known as @iMarkZuckerberg. Guez (Zuckerberg)’s Facebook Page has photos of his new ID card and passport.