Facebook gets a ‘dislike’ button through sticker pack in Messenger

Posted Dec 19, 2013

Facebook now has a “dislike” button as part of a stick pack designed for Facebook Messenger. This means that you will not be able to directly dis like Facebook statuses. There are certain circumstances where Facebook statuses should not be “liked” such as someone talking about a hardship that they are going through.


Facebook has acknowledged that only offering a “like” button with statuses may not be appropriate. This is why one of Facebook’s engineers suggested a “Sympathize” buttonĀ and that idea was well received at the company.

The new sticker pack is called “Likes and it features the signature Facebook hand icon doing different poses. The poses include a sparkling thumb, a ‘surf’s up’ thumb, a peace sign, a poke pose, a hand holding flowers, a broken thumb, a hand holding a glass of champagne, and a down thumb.