Facebook To Block Ads From Inappropriate Content Pages

Posted Jun 29, 2013

Starting on Monday, Facebook will be tightening their review process to ensure that advertisers do not have their content placed side-by-side with inappropriate content.  Advertisers have been concerned about brands being tarnished by offensive content.

?Our goal is to both preserve the freedoms of sharing on Facebook but also protect people and brands from certain types of content,? said Facebook in a blog post on Friday.  Ads will not appear next to pages that have violent or graphic content.

The review is going to be manual initially.  The company will soon build an automated system to remove ads that have controversial content.

Facebook added ?Prior to this change, a page selling adult products was eligible to have ads appear on its right-hand side; now there will not be ads displayed next to this type of content.?

Google’s Blogger:  Facebook is not the only tech company that will be blocking ads from inappropriate pages.  In a couple of days, Google’s Blogger will be deleting many blogs that have existed since 1999 on Monday.  Blogger blogs that were marked as “adult” received an e-mail from the Google Blogger team.  All of the adult blogs will be deleted if they display advertisements to adult websites.