Facebook To Rollout Graph Search To Everyone Over The Next Few Weeks

Posted Jul 8, 2013

has announced today that they will be rolling out the Graph Search function to their U.S. users over the next few weeks.  Facebook introduced the Graph Search in January and it was set up in beta mode since then.  Graph Search will be rolling out to everyone that uses Facebook in U.S. English over the next few weeks.  Facebook’s Graph Search makes finding content within the social network a lot easier.  You can use Facebook’s search engine to pull up content like “Photos of me and John Smith” or “friends in my city that went to Ann Arbor Huron High School.”  When searching for a query like “photos of San Francisco,” you will see photos of the city that your friends took and share along with Public photos.

“Everyone using US English should start seeing their search box automatically updated,” said Facebook in a statement.  “This is just the beginning. We’re currently working on making it easier for people to search and discover topics, including posts and comments. We?re also working on getting mobile Graph Search ready.”

The speed of Graph Search has been improved along with query understanding since the service launched this past Janaury.

Privacy on Graph Search

You will notice a Graph Search notification on your home page when Facebook adds the new function to your profile.  The notification will serve as a reminder about how to control what you share.  The Graph Search results are personalized and unique for everyone.