Facebook Vanity URL Has A Fair Share Of Fake Names

Posted Jun 15, 2009

Above is the Facebook profile of Mike Lee of Orlando, Florida.  Lee is a fan of Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Michael Steele, and Senator Jim Bunning.  During the Facebook vanity URL rush, you would expect him to register the name “Facebook.com/Mike,” “Facebook.com/ MikeLee,” or something along those lines.  Surprisingly, he chose Facebook.com/ToddPalin instead.  Todd Palin is the husband of former VP candidate Sarah Palin.

Over 3 million user names were registered within several hours of the rush, but many of them are nowhere close to the actual names of people.  That is not surprising since many people do not use their real names on MySpace or on e-mail addresses. Facebook is now even starting to delete the user names of accounts that just seem off.  One account they recently deleted belonged to “Haywood.Jablome”

Some of the other entertaining usernames that were registered includes:
– George Bush
– Limbaugh
– Wolfram

If you know of any other funny vanity name URLs, let us know in the comments.