Facebook Vanity URL Rush Happening Tonight

Posted Jun 12, 2009

One of the biggest differences between Facebook and MySpace is vanity URLs.  Since MySpace started they have offered URLs to users that are in the format: http://myspace.com/yourusername.  Facebook’s user name assigns a number based on the order of which someone joins.  The format of Facebook’s URL is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=[random number].

But starting tonight, Facebook users will have vanity URLs.  Some companies and people have already been rushing for a one-word vanity URL.  At 12:01AM Eastern Time tonight, users can grab a username of choice that will redirect to their profile.  I know I’ll be near a computer when this event takes place.

Facebook will be preventing registration of usernames that infringes trademark.  The social network recommends that you register a username that closely resembles your name.

This reminds me of when GMail first came out.  The service was invite only and people actually traded tangible goods over a forum.  In one case, I saw someone giving away a signed Kobe Bryant basketball just for a GMail invite.  I bet that person is kicking themselves right now.

[via Facebook Blog]