Facebook Inc (FB) launches auto playing video ads starting with Divergent movie

Posted Dec 17, 2013

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is launching video ads very soon starting with the movie Divergent. The ads will play automatically on News Feed, but the sound will only be activated if users click on the videos. Video ads generally demand higher advertising rates so Facebook will see major revenue boosts as a result. Facebook has been rumored to be working on video ads for the last several months.

“This format isn’t intended for every video ad or page post video on Facebook,” said Facebook in a blog post. “We’ll continue to refine this new way for brands to tell stories on Facebook to ensure the best experience for people and marketers.”

Some users are concerned that the video ads would cause their mobile data usage to unfairly increase. Facebook said that the video ads would only be downloaded in advance through WiFi though.

“This content will not consume data plans, even if you’re not connected to wi-fi at the time of playback,” added Facebook. Users that do not want to watch the ads just simply have to scroll past them.

Post by Facebook for Business.