Facebook Wants Brands To Focus Less On Ad Clicks

Posted Oct 1, 2012

Facebook is sending out data to advertisers to show how their advertising mechanisms work.  Based on data that Facebook compiled with Datalogix.  Facebook will point out that the numbers of clicks are flawed and does not give the whole value around an advertisement.  They will be tell brands how to focus on creating better campaigns.  Facebook argues that around 1% of in-store sales related to a Facebook ad comes from people click on the ad.  ?We ended up in this world where the click is king,? stated Brad Smallwood, Facebook?s head of measurement and insights.

The click model works very well for Google and so the assumption is that it should work on Facebook too.  Facebook is best for getting the most eyes on your ad rather than getting people to click on it.  This is the reason why Facebook is focused on fine-tuning the number of times that a consumer sees an ad like they would on television.  Facebook developed a new measurement tool with Datalogix that can provide companies with in-store sales based on an ad campaign that they saw on Facebook, which is far more valuable information than what the total clicks an ad has received.

?Using the Datalogix tool, we?ll able to understand what that sweetspot is,? added Smallwood.  Smallwood points out that the tool will not violate Facebook’s privacy policies.