Facebook Won’t Show You Farmville Info On Your News Feed Unless You Actually Play It

Posted Sep 23, 2010

At a gaming event in Palo Alto this past week Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg said that either people love playing games or really hate them. But the company does not have the right tools yet to enable developers to carry on enjoying games while still providing a good experience for those who do not enjoy playing games.

So Facebook will soon only start showing application stories on the News Feeds of those who interact with those applications already. Those who do not play with that specific application will not see information pertaining to that app.

However this could be a bad thing for developers because their applications are getting less exposure. But at least their already active users will be more engaged with the application and with their friends that are into the same type of games. Facebook will even start notifying people when their friends are playing a game that both people enjoy.