Facebook Would Rather Build Their Own Data Portability Feature (Facebook Connect) Than Join MySpace Data Availability

Posted May 10, 2008

“Today we are announcing Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect is the next iteration of Facebook Platform that allows users to ‘connect’ their Facebook identity, friends and privacy to any site,” stated Dave Morin, Facebook’s Senior Platform Manager. “This will now enable third party websites to implement and offer even more features of Facebook Platform off of Facebook â?? similar to features available to third party applications today on Facebook.”

The competition between Facebook Inc. and MySpace is intensifying. A couple of days ago, MySpace made it clear that they are creating a way to make user data portable with a few key partners. They even said that they’d be happy to work with Facebook if they want to join the project. The data portability project that MySpace is working on is called MySpace Data Availability. MySpace also signed on to work with Google on their OpenSocial initiative.

Did Facebook respond by saying that they are willing to work with MySpace? No. Instead, Facebook announced that they are making their user data portable through a project called Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect asks the user if they want to allow third party companies to access their information. For example, Connecting Digg with the Facebook Account will probably automatically connect your name and location to your Digg profile. If your Facebook friends are also on Digg, you can find them through the connectivity options.

Stay tuned to Pulse 2.0 for the official launch of Facebook Connect and MySpace Data Availability in few weeks.

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