Facebook’s Marketing Study About “The Power of Like 2”

Posted Jun 12, 2012

comScore recently conducted a study about how effective Facebook ads are. Facebook was hit hard during the IPO when investors questioned the ad-focused business model that the company built themselves on. comScore’s research shows that advertisers using the social media platform can have a direct influence on product sales.

?It?s a myth that Facebook is trying to figure out R.O.I.,? stated Facebook head of measurement and insights Brad Smallwood. ?Facebook is a demand-generation platform,? Mr. Smallwood said. ?This is demonstrating that as you run messages on Facebook that it impacts people?s behavior when they are in store.?

Target and Starbucks were highlighted in comScore’s research. According to the data, after four weeks of seeing a Starbucks ad on Facebook, people that were fans of the brand and those who were friends of the fans increased their purchase frequency by 38%. Target saw a 21% increase. comScore will be presenting their findings on Tuesday at the Advertising Research Foundation.