Fail Whale Swallows Summize For $15 Million (Cash+Stock)

Posted Jul 15, 2008

Everyone’s favorite fail-whale, micro-blogging company, Twitter bought Summize today.  The transaction was paid mostly in stock.  Summize was basically a search engine for Twitter conversations.  When a topic became popular on Twitter, Summize would list them on the bottom.  

Here is a before and after picture of Summize:

Before (Note: Summize is highlighted in yellow because I grabbed the screenshot from the cached page on Google) 


Through the acquisition, Twitter will be hiring 5 out of 6 of the Summize engineers.  The Summize engineers will be moving to San Francisco.  Greg Pass, Summize’s CTO will become Twitter’s Director of Engineering and Ops.  Maybe Summize will help get rid of the fail whale and make it more of a success whale.

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