Fancy Acquires Samplrs

Posted Feb 23, 2013

Fancy is a social commerce website that competes with Pinterest.  The company raised $26 million in funding this past October.  Now the company has acquired their first company: Samplrs.  Samplrs sold subscriptions for different types of foods.  Samplrs currently redirects to Fancy’s website.  Fancy has integrated Samplrs into a new service that lets you order a Fancy food box by subscription costing $39 per month.

Fancy launched the Fancy Box service back in September based on items that were curated by 2 million users.  Jake Siegal, the founder of Samplrs, has a new job title at Fancy.  His position is actually titled “Foods at Fancy” and his start date was February 2013 according to his LinkedIn profile

Samplr allowed users to buy products a la carte each month.  Users had received 4-6 products from up and coming local food companies.  Users also received cars with recipes and pairings suggestions.  Samplr’s subscriptions costed between $29.99 per month to $179.95 for a 6 month subscription.