Fandalism Grows To 350,000 Musicians

Posted Apr 8, 2012

Philip Kaplan, the founder of Blippy and Adbrite, is now working on a musician social network called Fandalism. Kaplan also created a website called TinyLetter, which was sold to MailChimp. Fandalism launched at the end of January and they have hit 350,000 registered users without any publicity or advertising.

Kaplan said that he owned the URL for several years, but initially used it as a “YouTube for songs.” As a musician himself, Kaplan wanted to connect with other musicians. Kaplan said that the only other way for musicians to connect with other musicians is Craigslist and Indaba Music.

After creating a profile on Fandalism, you will need to enter basic information like where you are located, music genres, etc. You also add musical history like ?What was the first concert you went to?? and you can share your work through photos, lyrics, YouTube videos, and SoundCloud songs.

Kaplan plans to make revenue on the website by allowing instrument manufacturers to place ads on the website. He is not interested in raising funding for this website, but he is not rejecting the idea.

?Being able to be one guy and have a site with potentially millions of users ? you can only do that now,? stated Kaplan. ?I would like to have 10 million users and still be one person.?