Fantasy Football May Cost Employers Billions Of Dollars In Productivity

Posted Sep 3, 2012

The NFL season is getting close to starting in full swing.  Outplacement company Challenger, Gray, and Christmas conducted a “rough” and “non-scientific” study to find out how much money that employers potentially lose due to a decrease in productivity during fantasy football season.

The firm estimates that around 22 million American workers spend at least one hour per week talking about fantasy football instead of work.  When you extrapolate those numbers, that means during a 15-week fantasy football season more than 330 million hours will be wasted.  This amounts to around $6.5 billion.

Challenger CEO John Challenger said:

?Employers will not see any impact on their bottom line and, for the most part, business will proceed as usual? However, even if the economic impact is faint, it is important to acknowledge fantasy football?s overall impact as a societal and workplace phenomenon.?