Farecast Now Built Into Live Search Platform

Posted May 22, 2008

On April 19, I wrote about how Farecast was acquired by Microsoft for $115 million.  Ever since then, Microsoft has been working on integrating Farecast into the Live platform.  Demos of Live Search Farecast are now starting to appear on the Internet.

Currently the site is down, but I did find a few screen shots of the site from LiveSide.net.  The screen shots are below:

Live Search Farecast will help you predict when the best time to buy flights are so that you can find the best discount.  This is very helpful because if you ask any skilled pilot what part of the aviation industry they do not understand, they’ll say ticket prices.

Below is a video of Satya Nadella, Senior VP of Search, Portal, and Advertising demoing the product:

Video: Farecast DEMO by Satya Nadella at Advance08