Farmville Indian Users Demanding Flag To Be Added

Posted Oct 12, 2009

About 20,000 people have signed a petition to have the Indian flag added to Zynga’s Farmville game. Farmville is a popular game on social networks that allows users to manage and build a farm in a similar fashion as Sim City. After building a farm, players will be able to mark their farm by adding a flag. The United Kingdom and United States have flags available for planting, but nothing for India yet.

Indian people on forums and blogs said that they were disappointed that their flag was not available. One user said that they were even willing to pay to have the option. The petition even inspired people of different origins to start their own petitions to have their own flags added.

Farmville has about 56 million users. By adding a link to another Zynga game called Café World, about 10 million people have joined that game in a week.