FBI Arrests Jeffrey Weaver For Posting Threatening Comments On InfoWars.com

Posted Jun 12, 2009

On January 1, 2009, a San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District police officer fatally shot an African-American man by the name of Oscar Grant III.  The incident was capture live on video.  I did not embed the video because of how disturbing it is, but I will give you a link here.  The police officer claimed that he was innocent because he said he never intended to actually shoot the victim.

Since this incident has taken place, many people have expressed their outrage on the Internet.  There have been many YouTube video responses to the original video and many outraged comments left on blogs and forums.  Jeffrey Weaver has apparently left anonymous comments on InfoWars.com that threatened to kill the former police officer behind the incident Johannes Mehserle.  Mehserle was arrested after running off to Las Vegas.  He went there because he said he had received numerous death threats.

The FBI has an affidavit that contains the comments that Weaver left on InfoWars.com.  The comments were deleted shortly after they were left, but the FBI was able to retrieve the Weaver’s information anyway.

Weaver supposedly used the alias “F**kThePigs” and he wrote ?F**k the pigs and if I find out who the pig is then I will kill the pig who killed him.”  Shortly after this comment was left, another commenter posted the address to Mehserle’s home.  Weaver was accused of leaving an additional comment after the address was posted: ?now that I know who he is and where he is its only a matter of time and his punishment will be to watch his ***** and his baby get wasted in front of him . . . this isn?t a threat its a ****ing promise . . . because justice will be served death wish charles bronson vigilante style. . . .?

Several days later, a comment from the same IP address threatened to kill a police officer in Martinsville, Virginia.  The Virginia police officer that was being threatened had killed a 17 year old with a Taser gun.  In the Virginia police officer message, the comment claimed that he had a gun too.  Below is the message:

“All I got to say is that I?m within 100 miles of where this incident happened at and reading this makes my blood boil. Maybe I should drive to Martinsville with my 9mm Glock and some teflon coated armor piercing Black Rhino hollow pointed rounds and do the world a favor by ridding the world of this piece of s**t pig . . .”

After finding the death threat evidence, Mehserle’s father contacted the FBI.  The FBI had subpoenaed Alex Jones, the man behind InfoWars.com and they were able to retrieve the IP addresses of the comments that were posted.  All of the IP addresses connected to Weaver.

The affidavit also claims that Weaver was convicted in 1986 for dealing marijuana.  Weaver had also made death threats to Cox Communications employees for cutting off his cable TV.

Weaver admitted to leave the comments when his house was raided a couple of weeks ago.  He said that he was angry when he made the comment and was not planning to hurt anyone.  Alex Jones is not happy about having to hand over the IP addresses of people and because of this incident he is considering turning off comments on his website.

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