FBI Serves Search Warrants On Google and Yahoo! To Find Out More Info About Michael Barrett

Posted Dec 4, 2009

The FBI has served Google and Yahoo! with search documents regarding a man named Michael Barrett. Barrett was charged with one count of interstate stalking when he released a naked video of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews (pictured above). The FBI agents are looking for a 42 second video that was posted on Yahoo!’s image and video sharing website Flickr.com. And additional information about Barrett was requested from Google by the FBI.

Between Yahoo! and Google they have about 10 days to turn over the records starting this past Wednesday. The video that was posted on Flickr appears to have been taken through a hotel room peephole. The video was viewed about 3,000 times. Wesley Hsu, an Assistant U.S. Attorney claims that the video of the woman posted on Flickr actually was not Andrews.

Barrett found three hotels where Andrews was staying and attempted to alter the peephole. Then he shot the videos through the peephole. After that he tried to upload the videos and tried to sell them to TMZ. Barrett could face about five years in prison if convicted with a fine of $250,000.