FBI Starts Implementing $1 Billion Facial Recognition Software

Posted Sep 8, 2012

The FBI has started implementing a $1 billion facial recognition program.  New Scientist is reporting that the Next Generation Identification (NGI) software will combine iris scans, biometrics, DNA and voice prints into a profiling tool.  Some states are already using the technology in a limited form.  Here is the privacy problem that NewScientist wrote about:

Ideally, such technological advancements will allow law enforcement to identify criminals more accurately and lead to quicker arrests. But privacy advocates are worried by the broad scope of the FBI?s plans. They are concerned that people with no criminal record who are caught on camera alongside a person of interest could end up in a federal database, or be subject to unwarranted surveillance.

The technology is accurate when applied to photographs taken in controlled situations like passport photos and police shots.