F.B.T. Productions Loses Lawsuit Against Universal Music

Posted Mar 9, 2009

Mark and Jeff Bass are producers based out of Detroit that helped Eminem produce some of his tracks.  They own a company called F.B.T. Productions and they decided to sue Universal Music Group and Aftermath Records, the record label founded by Dr. Dre.  F.B.T. believes that they were owed more money from digital download sales.  They argued that digital album sales are different froms ales of traditional CDs.  However a judge ruled in favor of Universal Music.

F.B.T. wanted to have digital sales made on Apple iTunes be treated under a master recording deal between Universal and Apple.  After that F.B.T. would have split the profits with Universal 50-50 and then provide part of that 50% to Eminem directly.  However the record label is currently paying F.B.T. and Eminem 12% of sales which is the same rate agreed for the sale of physical albums.

The case was filed in late February.

[via AP]