FCC Rules Comcast Was Wrong For Interfering With BitTorrent Traffic

Posted Jul 11, 2008

Often times I am irked by policies and bills laid out by the government such as telecommunication company immunity for wire tapping, but today I was actually impressed by a government decision made.  The FCC told the Associated Press that Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA) was wrong for interfering with BitTorrent traffic.

“The commission has adopted a set of principles that protects consumers access to the Internet,” stated FCC Chairman, Kevin Martin. “We found that Comcast’s actions in this instance violated our principles.”

Comcast indicated that they block BitTorrent traffic when there were heavy periods of Internet traffic, but it turns out that this was a façade.  Comcast blocked upstream BitTorrent traffic all the time. 

Comcast denied the allegations.  Sena Fitzmaurice, a spokeswoman for Comcastcast stated that the company “carefully limited measures that Comcast takes to manage traffic on its broadband network are a reasonable part” of making sure that customers get quality service.

Marvin Ammori, General Counsel at Free Press filed the complaint with the FCC.  In response to the FCC decision, Ammori stated “The FCC now appears ready to take action on behalf of consumers. This is an historic test for whether the law will protect the open Internet. If the commission decisively rules against Comcast, it will be a remarkable victory for organized people over organized money.” 

The whole investigation started when Robb Topolski, a barbershop quartet singer attempted to share legal music files with others.  Robb found that Comcast was blocking his uploads.  Check out the video below to hear Robb speak about his evidence on Comcast.


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