FeedBlitz Taking On Google/Feedburner, Gets Into RSS Management

Posted Mar 28, 2009

Feedburner has been on the brunt of criticism since it was acquired by Google.  Some people believe that this was the worst transition Google has made with all of its acquired companies.  No new features have been added to the service except for Google Ads in RSS feeds and the reliability of reporting RSS analytics is unreliable at best.

Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb wrote a lengthy piece about how Feedburner may not be hearing your pings.  Its getting to be such a serious problem that bloggers and other news agencies may look into alternatives.  FeedBlitz decided to take advantage of the Google-Feedburner situation.

Earlier this week the company announced that they have opened a brand new RSS management service to the public.  The service was previously in private beta.  The FeedBlitz RSS management system has better branding for RSS feeds, a one stop social media marketing solution, smarter SEO, better metrics, and control over content and viral marketing.

“You’ll see that the FeedBlitz RSS feed service will rapidly evolve over the coming weeks as we learn more about its real-world behavior, what we inspire you (with luck!) to ask for, and what we could do better at. There are more features we have in the queue to add, and we’ve had some great suggestions already from the private beta that we’ll be implementing,” stated Phil Hollows founder of FeedBlitz on the company blog.

One of the advantages of using FeedBlitz immediately is the real-time reports and analytics functionalities.  Feedburner generally waits until each morning to deliver the previous days analytics. Eventually I’ll switch Pulse2.com to FeedBlitz to see if the switch is worth it and will report my experiences.

Until then, if I were Google they should use this as a wake up call.

The new service is available [here]