Feedly and Evernote were hit with Denial Of Service Cyber-Attacks

Posted Jun 11, 2014

Feedly, the popular news aggregator service, is suffering from a “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attack from cyber criminals, which is preventing users from accessing the service. “The attacker is trying to extort us money to make it stop,” said Feedly in a blog post. Feedly has 15 million users.

Organization service Evernote also suffered a similar attack. It is unknown if the attack is linked, but Evernote’s service is integrated throughout Feedly. Feedly told users that their data was safe and is working with the network provider to remove the attacker.

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) is when a hacker sends large amounts of data to a target’s servers simultaneously. Sometimes PCs are hijacked in the process, which are known as botnets.

Evernote has been hit by hackers before. In 2013, hackers were able to access Evernote usernames, e-mail addresses, and encrypted passwords.

“We?re making some changes to our infrastructure that will allow us to bring feedly back online. However, these things take some time to put into place and it may still be a few more hours before service is restored. Thank you so much for your patience and for sticking with us. Remember, none of your data was compromised or lost in this attack,” said Feedly at 9:25AM EST.