Feedly Hits 12 Million Users As Google Reader Prepares To Shut Down

Posted Jun 21, 2013

Feedly has tripled their user base from 4 million users to 12 million users over the last three months as Google Reader is preparing to shut down on July 1st.  Google Reader was one of the best things that could happen for Feedly and fortunately they were able to scale as their user base grew so quickly.

One of the reasons that Feedly was able to quickly grow is because they set up a simple one-click migration from Google Reader.  The service .  You can import all of your Google Reader feeds simply by logging in using your Google account credentials to sign into their website.  Feedly even organizes the feeds in the folders the same way as Google Reader.

Feedly has launched a new plugin-free web version of the website.  They also launched a new cloud-based API for third-party developers and applications.  Feedly is now a default RSS partner for many applications.  Feedly is now hitting over 25 million feeds per day, according to VentureBeat.