Feedly Raises $500,000 In 8 Hours For Pro Service

Posted Aug 10, 2013

Feedly is a popular RSS service that launched a paid subscription earlier this week.  While the core services are still free, paying $5 per month will get you some additional features.  According to ComputerWorld, Feedly was able to raise almost $500,000 on Monday alone, which was at about $62,000 worth of subscriptions each hour over an eight-hour span.  Feedly offered a lifetime subscription of $99.99 for their first 5,000 customers.  Perhaps Google should have charged for their Reader service before deciding to shut it down completely?

Edwin Khodabakchian, the CEO and co-founder of DevHD, said that 5,000 accounts were created in eight hours, which is nearly $500,000.  DevHD is the company behind Feedly.  “The funds from this early edition are going to help us acquire the hardware needed to open Feedly Pro to everyone,” stated Khodabakchian in a blog post.

One of the best features that the Pro version offers is the ability to search articles.  Feedly Pro will cost $5 per month or $45 per year going forward.  The free version will remain unchanged.  The Pro version will also get HTTPS support.

Khodabakchian and Cyril Moutran founded DevHD in 2006.  Feedly was launched in 2008.  Moutran and Khodabakchian likely met when they were software engineers at Netscape in the late 1990s.