WATCH NOW: Felix Baumgartner Jumping From Space [UPDATED WITH GALLERY]

Posted Oct 14, 2012

You may remember how Felix Baumgartner was supposed to go up in space earlier this month in Roswell, New Mexico.  He is now making another attempt at jumping.  It will take around 10 minutes to complete the jump from space.  As of the time I was writing this, he is at 30,000+ feet.  Felix will jump when he is at around 120,000 feet (23 miles in free fall).  Felix will be the first to break the sound barrier.  The previous jump record is held by U.S. Air Force Captain Joseph Kittinger, who jumped 102,800 feet.  Felix will be jumping two miles more than Captain Kittinger at over 150,000 feet.  The FAA ensured that there were not any flights coming in or out of the area that Felix is flying up into. This event is sponsored by Red Bull.  Check out the video live now.