Fellow Blog Company, VentureBeat Raises $320K In Seed Capital. Wo0T!

Posted Feb 11, 2008

VentureBeat, a blog about technology company venture capital announced today that they have raised seed capital to hire more writers and grow their network.  The blog was started by Matt Marshall, a former San Jose Mercury News writer.

Investors include Georges Harik, Aydin Senkut, Mike Brown, and Philippe Cases.   Harik and Senkut are former Google employees.  Brown is a Principal at Foundation Capital.  Cases is a Venture Partner at Partech International.  Investment companies include MHS Capital, Amidzad, and White Sand Group.

Om Malik previously raised 2 rounds of funding for GigaOm.com’s network of blogs.  And Jason Calacanis previously sold Weblog, Inc. (a network of blogs) to AOL for $25 million.
Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems
peHUB and VentureBeat are beefing with each other over the news.  But both companies shouldn’t be trying to run each other off the information superhighway roads.  This news is a victory for technology blogs everywhere.