Fight For The Future Launches Facebook App Called Vote With Friends

Posted Oct 29, 2012

Fight for the Future is an Internet freedom advocacy group that is behind the historic grassroots movement against SOPA/PIPA.  Fight for the Future launched a new voter engagement app called “Vote with Friends.”  The new app is for any user to directly mobilize their friends to vote in a way that has never been possible before.

“Vote with Friends” lets users find out if their friends are registered to vote whether their friends “pledged” to vote and what their voting status is.  It will also inform people if you have voted early or have voted on election day.

?If You Don?t Vote, All Your Friends Will Know?

This app brings social pressure and accountability, which will help improve voter turnout to drive civic engagement.  ?Now every individual can run their own powerful ?Get out the Vote? effort.  Users can not only elicit pledges to vote, but for the first time, they can hold their friends accountable,? stated Fight For The Future co-founder Tiffiniy Cheng.

The “Vote With Friends” application was funded by a generous grant from the Ford Foundation.  The application was inspired by a 2008 study that showed that mailing potential voters information about their neighbors’ voting history had increased turnout substantially [study]

The Facebook Data Science Team and the University of California-San Diego conducted a joint study that found that social media messages increased voting activity in the 2010 election by 340,000 votes.

?The internet is making it easier than ever before to do many things in our lives. Social media is better equipped to implement the new science of voting than traditional methods typically employed by campaigns and other voting organizations. In an election where both Presidential candidates have not completely inspired their base, ‘Vote With Friends? takes what works in real life to get out the vote — peer pressure from friends — and creates that social dynamic in the online world.  Our mission is to help the Internet reach its potential as a vehicle for engagement, expression, creativity and the free exchange of ideas.  Protecting the internet has not only become a top political issue, internet users have also become a powerful political constituency. We’re harnessing this new energy and our power to use the internet to fight for itself in order to demonstrate we can get people to the polls. Showing how the Internet can be the great innovator and driving force behind our public institutions is part of Fight For the Future?s core purpose,? stated Ms. Cheng.