Fileducky: Multi File Host Uploading Utility

Posted Dec 6, 2007

Fileducky was a project made for fun.  The purpose of the tool is to make it easy for those that want to upload large files to multiple file hosting services.  The multiple file hosting services that are utilized by Fileducky is rapidshare, badango, sendspace, and zshare.

Files that can be uploaded can be up to 100MB in size and has an optional description field.  The typical files that I have seen uploaded to the aforementioned file hosting services tend to be albums made by independent musicians, mixtapes made by DJs, or other music mash-ups made by audio editors.  Some of the streaming services out there just doesn’t cut it for them to share their talent.

For musicians that have albums and want to share their work for free, I recommend Fileducky.  If caught, copyrighted material is removed from the file hosting services.