FinderCodes Helps You Find Your Missing Pet Or Gadget Using QR Codes

Posted Feb 18, 2013

Blake Sohn’s dog Emma ran away a couple of years ago.  The problem is that Emma’s ID was outdated.  This problem is pretty common with many pet owners, especially for people that live in apartments and switch their place of residence often.  Since Sohn is a fan of QR codes and believes that they can be used in the context of helping find anything that is lost, he worked with two partners to create a company called FinderCodes.

FinderCodes launched in September 2012 and has relationships with AT&T  and FedEx.  The company has placement in Office Depot and Target for 2013 too.

?Having our unique lost and found solution offered in Office Depot stores is great news,? stated FinderCodes CEO John Valiton. ?FinderCodes is the first product of our kind to be featured in brick-and-mortar locations nationwide. This will help us reach more consumers, giving them the chance at getting their lost items back and assisting well-meaning people in more easily returning found property.?

When the QR code is scanned on a pet, a laptop, a tablet, etc., the finder can contact the owner by scanning a QR code connected to the contact information of the person that lost an item so that it can be returned. If you found something, you input the code on to get the contact information of the person that lost that something.

FinderCodes is based in Minnesota and their app works on Android and iOS. I like how the company has taken a modern approach to solving a common problem.