Fire Extinguisher Gets Hacked Into Rovio

Posted Apr 28, 2009

WowWee’s Rovio mobile web-cam product sells for over $200.  I can’t give an exact price right now because Rovio’s website is down.  Colt45, a user on the RoboCommunity website revealed that he has hacked a remote fire extinguisher into his Rovio.  Even the nozzle for the fire extinguisher is remote-controlled.

By itself, Rovio is unable to differentiate between objects that are and are not on fire.  But using te Rovio API loaded on a home computer, Rovio is able to learn what is on fire and shoot it with the extinguisher.  While the Rovio fire extinguisher hack will work only with small fires, it could prevent a serious issue from taking place.

[via Slashgear]