Firefox 13 Now Available For Download

Posted Jun 4, 2012

Mozilla has uploaded Firefox 13 to their servers. Firefox 13 is the latest version of their open source and cross-platform browser. Firefox 13 is expected to go live for the public on June 5th. It will be pushed as an update to existing Firefox users.

Some of the new Firefox 13 features include a redesigned homepage, new tab pages, support for “tabs on demand,” the loading of pages on restoring previous browsing sessions to speed up the startup, and a new Reset Firefox feature with a single click.

The new Home Page can be accessed by typing about:home in the Address bar. The home page allows users to create their own customized home page with shortcuts to bookmarks, downloads, history, add-ons, sync, and an option to restore the previous session. Users can set up the home page when setting up Firefox 13 for the first time.

The home page can be pinned as an app tab for easy access. The home page will be used to market the upcoming Apps Market as well. There is a new redesigned New Tab that is similar to Google Chrome and Opera web browsers. The Firefox homepage shows thumbnails of frequently visited websites, which is usually blank during the first few visits. Websites can be permanently pinned or removed from the list.

The “Tabs on demand” feature speeds up the browser startup by loading tabs stored from the previous session when the user clicks on them. The “automatic session restore” feature. The user will need to switch this on by default using the General tab of the Options dialog box.

Firefox 13 FINAL works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.