Firefox 20 Is Now Available For Download

Posted Apr 2, 2013

The Mozilla Foundation has released Firefox 20 with a plethora of new features.  Some of the new features embedded into Firefox 20 include per-window private browsing, a new download manager tool, and the ability to close plugins separately.  Firefox 20 works Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.  Mozilla uploaded the new version of the browser yesterday on their FTP servers last night, but now it is available on  Firefox users are being notified to upgrade their browser automatically.

The private browsing window lets users browse the Internet anonymously and your Internet history is not tracked.  This is known as “Incognito Mode” on Google Chrome and InPrivate for Internet Explorer.  In the past, Firefox did offer the ability to browse privately, but it would require to open up a separate browsing window.  Now you can go anonymous without having to close or change your current browsing session.  Mozilla suggested that you use this feature to check multiple e-mail accounts at the same time or for finding a surprise birthday gift.

The browser also has a new download manager in the Firefox toolbar so that you can view and locate downloaded files without having to open up the Downloads window.

Sometimes one of your plugins will slow down your whole browsing experience.  The ability to shut down some of the slow plugins helps with stability and could even prevent the browser from crashing.

Mozilla also updated the Android version of Firefox.  Private browsing has been added to individual tabs on Firefox for Android.  Shortcuts can be customized on the home screen for Firefox for Android.  Support has been added for phones like the Samsung Galaxy Next, HTC Aria, HTC Legend, and Samsung Dart.  Mozilla for Firefox said that the browser can now work on almost 50 million more phones.

Aside from these changes, Mozilla has made several HTML5 fixes and patched up some bugs. Mozilla Firefox 21 is expected to be released in May 2013.