Firefox 3.0.11 Hits 150 Million Downloads In 24 Hours

Posted Jun 16, 2009

A few days ago, Apple announced that they had hit 11 million downloads of Safari 4 in less than 3 days.  That’s not a bad number, but Mozilla came up with a figure of their own that blew Apple out of the water.  Mozilla said that Firefox 3.0.11 was downloaded over 150 million times within 24 hours.

“I just read that Apple is reporting 11 million Safari 4 downloads in just three days. That’s pretty amazing. I’d like to follow up that report with one of my own,” wrote Mozilla Director of Community Development Asa Dotzler.  Both companies had probably included an automatic update that is made when opening their browsers.  The update is pushed on to users.

Firefox 3.0.11 was launched on June 11 and had mainly just a security and stability update.  On June 17 of last year, Mozilla had set a new Guinness World Record for the most downloaded browser in one day.