Mozilla is adding Accounts, improved syncing, and a customizable UI to Firefox

Posted Feb 8, 2014

Mozilla has announced that they are adding several new features to Firefox. An Accounts feature is coming to the browser along with improved Sync. These features are available for testing in Firefox Aurora now.

Firefox Accounts can be used for saving login credentials to use bookmarks, history, and open tabs for syncing with the Firefox mobile browser or other computers. This feature will also be integrated with Firefox OS. This feature works in the same way that Google syncs accounts through Google Chrome and the Chrome OS.

Mozilla has also updated the Sync feature. The Sync feature lets you take your bookmarks, tabs, and personal information with you on the go. The Sync feature is now more secure. The Sync feature now has client side key stretching, end-to-end encryption, public key cryptography, and a BrowserID protocol.

Firefox Aurora now lets users customize the user interface. You can prioritize features in the menu, toolbar or tab bar by dragging them around. You can also remove browser buttons including add-ons based on the user’s preferences.

[Source: TNW]