Firefox Hits One Billion Downloads and Has 31% Marketshare

Posted Aug 2, 2009

Big news for Firefox fans!  The open source browser that started in 2004 has hit one billion downloads.  This includes downloading multiple copies for different computers and additional downloads for upgrading purposes.  Automatic updates were not counted.

This many users on Firefox gives the browser a 31% marketshare. Internet Explorer has 60%.  And Opera, Chrome, and Safari have less than a 5% market share.

Mozilla even started a website to track downloads on their website called Mozilla developers are currently working on Firefox 4.0 which will be much faster than 3.0.  Image screenshots of 4.0 indicate that the new Firefox browser will look similar to Google Chrome.

Another milestone Mozilla reached this past June is 150 million downloads of Firefox 3.0.11 within 24 hours. That figure included automatic updates.