Firefox OS Now Being Tested Out On Phones

Posted Sep 8, 2012

We first wrote about Mozilla Firefox OS back in July 2012.  Mozilla is building their own mobile smartphone operating system known as “Boot to Gecko.”  The idea is to allow developers to create apps close to being native using HTML5.  Earlier this week Mozilla displayed the Firefox operating system running on an actual device.

Mozilla does not see their operating system with the purpose of competing with iOS and Android.  The open source operating system is expected to power low to mid-end models that will sell at feature phone prices.  The handset that this operating system was displayed on was a ZTE model.

People that have tested the Firefox OS said that it reminded them of a lower-end Android device.  The camera app and phone dialer app on the Firefox OS opened quickly. The operating system will load with 15 apps including the Firefox browser, camera, SMS, calendar, and Firefox OS Marketplace.  Pinch-to-zoom is supported and each app has a separate icon.  All of the basic apps are cached so you can access it even when you are not connected to the Internet.

The first handset to have the Firefox OS will be available next year from Telefonica in Brazil.  Telefonica covers areas across Latin America and Europe. Other carries that will use Firefox OS include Sprint, Deutsche Telekom, Smart, and Telecom Italia.