Mozilla is may sell promoted tile ads in Firefox browser

Posted Feb 12, 2014

Mozilla is going to start selling ads in the Firefox browser. The ads may be integrated into the new tab page. Publishers can purchased sponsored tiles that will appear along the normal tiles with a label that says “promoted.”

Currently, Firefox uses your browsing history to put your most visited websites on the new tab page. If your browser history is empty, then the new tab page sits empty as well. This is why Mozilla puts the most popular websites in that area by default. Some spots will be reserved for promoted tiles going forward.

Mozilla earns most of their revenue from Google. Google is the default search engine for Firefox and they pay for that privilege. Mozilla and Google also shares ad revenue on Google AdWords ads. In fact, Mozilla generates around 90% of their annual revenues from Google. But Firefox’s market share is dropping because of the popularity of the Google Chrome browser. This means that Firefox may have to demand less from Google as part of an ad sharing / search partnership in the future.

[Source: Mozilla Blog/TechCrunch]