Fisker Automotive Hires Former GM Marketing Chief Joel Ewanick

Posted Nov 27, 2012

Fisker Automotive has hired Joel Ewanick, the former global marketing chief at General Motors.  Mr. Ewanick will be the interim global sales and marketing leader at Fisker.  Mr. Ewanick will be a consultant for Fisker while they search for a permanent replacement for Richard Beattie.

Mr. Beattie is retiring according to Fisher spokesperson Roger Ormisher.  Mr. Beattie used to work at Ford, Mazda, and Jaguar.  Fisker hired him as the chief commercial officer last December.

?We would like to thank Richard for his valuable contribution in helping to grow the Fisker brand and sales in global markets over the past 12 months, and wish him well in his retirement,? stated Fisker CEO Tony Posawatz.

Joel Ewanick was fired in July because he pushed for a $559 million marketing deal between Chevrolet and the European soccer team Manchester United.  There was constant tension between Mr. Ewanick and the company’s senior leadership team including Mark Reuss, the head of GM’s North American operations according to sources with the Free Press.

GM had hired Ewanick from Nissan in 2010.  Before working at Nissan, Mr. Ewanick worked at Hyundai.  At Hyundai, he launched the Hyundai Assurance program during the financial crisis of 2009.  This allow customer to return their Hyundai vehicles if they lost their jobs.

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