FitnessKeeper Raises $400,000 In Seed Funding From LaunchCapital

Posted Dec 14, 2009

FitnessKeeper is the company behind RunKeeper Pro, an iPhone application that uses the GPS technology in the phone. RunKeeper is used for tracking fitness activities, map integration, and there is a personal dashboard. FitnessKeeper has support for simultaneous music too. Photos taken while running using the application can be geotagged as well.

As a result of the successful application, FitnessKeeper has raised $400,000 in seed funding from several investors. FitnessKeeper founder and CEO Jason Jacobs said ?There are some real proof points we think we can hit with this money so that we can be in position to either never need another dime, or to raise another, much larger round from a position of much greater strength.?

The $400,000 in funding is provided by LaunchCapital as well as Don McLagan (CEO of, Dave Balter (CEO of BzzAgent), and Will Herman (founder of Viewlogic). Balter and McLagan are advisors at FitnessKeeper.

[RunKeeper Pro $9.99-iTunes App Store]