‘Flappy Bird’ is going to come back to the App Store

Posted Mar 19, 2014

The creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen, plans to bring the game back to the Apple App store. Nguyen made the announcement on Twitter today. Why did he take the game down?

Nguyen said that the game was taken down because he read a lot of bad press about what the game was causing. Some people lost their jobs and a mother even stopped talking to her children. Some school children even smashed their phones.

“At first I thought they were just joking,” said Nguyen in an interview with Rolling Stone. “But I realize they really hurt themselves.”

Nguyen said in an interview that he was considering the return of the game.

While Flappy Bird was gone from the store, many clones of the game were published on the App Store including Sesame Street’s “Flappy Bert.” Nguyen said that the game will come back, but not anytime soon.

@painfullpacman Yes. But not soon.

— Dong Nguyen (@dongatory) March 19, 2014