Flashnotes.com raises $3.6 million in Series A funding

Posted Feb 4, 2014

Flashnotes.com is an online education startup that has raised $3.6 million in Series A funding led by Stage 1 Ventures. Runa Capital, Soft Bank Capital and Atlas Venture contributed to this round of funding as well. Flashnotes plans on using the funding to market expansion in the higher education sector.

?Our entire team is excited to have such great partners supporting our mission to empower students and ensure that more students achieve their academic objectives,? stated Michael Matousek, CEO & Founder of Flashnotes.com. ?With the college dropout rate remaining steady at over 40%, there is clear need for change within higher education. We believe that Flashnotes.com is a transformative force within the industry, as we?re leveraging the latest technologies to power the student-to-student exchange of high quality academic materials ? allowing students to learn from each other in a way that is fitting for them.?

Flashnotes.com lets college students buy and sell course-specific study materials such as study guides, flashcards, notes, video tutorials, etc. Flashnotes.com enables college students to make money from their study materials. Flashnotes.com saw 175% growth in 2013.