Flickr Accidentally Deletes Mirco Wilhelm’s Account Which Had 4,000 Photos Stored

Posted Feb 2, 2011

Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) photo sharing website has accidentally deleted the account of Mirco Wilhelm, which had 4,000 photos stored. Fortunately Wilhelm had the photos stored somewhere else. However Mirco’s photos were being linked to from all over the web including Flickr’s blog itself.

Wilhelm was shocked when he tried to log into his account and he was asked to create a new username. He had submitted a ticket to Flickr a few days ago complaining that another user is suspected of using his copyright photos. It is believed that Flickr deleted the wrong account.

Below is an e-mail that Flickr sent to Wilhelm:

Unfortunately, I have mixed up the accounts and accidentally deleted yours. I am terribly sorry for this grave error and hope that this mistake can be reconciled. Here is what I can do from here:

I can restore your account, although we will not be able to retrieve your photos. I know that there is a lot of history on your account-again, please accept my apology for my negligence. Once I restore your account, I will add four years of free Pro to make up for my error.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

Again, I am deeply sorry for this mistake.

It is believed that Flickr is close to resolving the situation:

Hi Mirco,

I can definitely get you logged back in to your account.

However, we are taking a look to see if there is anything we can do in this particular case to restore your content.

While we investigate this we need the account to not be touched. As soon as I have any further information, I’ll get back to you and will also provide the instructions on how to get you logged back in and the […] account re-connected to this Flickr account.