Flickr Announces App For Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7

Posted Mar 3, 2011

Flickr has recently announced Flickr for Windows 7 and Flickr for Windows Phone 7. Through the Flickr apps, you will be able to swipe through panoramic blades to see all recent activity and the latest uploads from your contacts. The app is fully optimized for high-resolution display. Tapping on a photo brings up a full-screen lightbox view.

On Windows 7 Slate devices, the Flickr app will have a “Context View.” The Context View lets you see other photos in the set, group, etc. from a contact or nearby on a map when you zoom out of a full-screened photo in lightbox view. You can see geo-tagged photos on a map or view nearby geo-tagged photos from the community through the app as well.

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