Flickr iPhone App Now Has Filters and Twitter Integration

Posted Dec 12, 2012

Flickr has released a new iPhone application today.  Their new application has Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr integrated into it.  One of the most notable features that have been added is photo filters.  Flickr has 80 million users that can upload, edit, and add 15 photo filters through the iPhone app.  The photo filters are named after animals like panda, chinchilla, mammoth, and aardvark.  The photo filters are powered by Aviary, which is also the same photo filtering service that Twitter users for their app.

“We worked closely with Facebook and Twitter to create a seamless experience,” stated Flickr head of product Markus Spiering. “We have had some integration with the sites before, but not this directly. Since we are launching a mobile product, it’s important that the experience works across various devices.”

Flickr iPhone app users are able to see data about each picture including how many people have seen it and where it was taken.  Members are able to search by groups, keywords, and photos that were taken nearby.  The iPhone app has an activity log and gives users the ability to swipe left and right through the stream.  After users pinch-to-zoom, Flickr will do their best to keep resolution at the highest.

[Source: TNW]