Flickr Starts Disabling Pinterest Pins On Copyrighted Images

Posted Feb 25, 2012

Pinterest was recently questioned about whether they would be in violation of displaying copyright images. Now Flickr has updated their website to prevent Pinterest users from “pinning” copyrighted images from Flickr. About 5 days ago, Pinterest wrote a tutorial for website owners to block users from “pinning” them.

?Flickr has implemented the tag and it appears on all non-public/non-safe pages, as well as when a member has disabled sharing of their Flickr content,? stated a Flickr representative in an interview with VentureBeat. ?This means only content that is ?safe,? ?public? and has the sharing button enabled can be pinned to Pinterest.?

Pinterest is a digital pin-board website that encourages people to add websites as bookmarks. It is especially popular for bookmarking products, recipes, clothes, etc.