Flickr To Get A New Design Which Will Make Them Look Like Pinterest

Posted Feb 21, 2012

A Flickr redesign was rumored earlier today. The new design will make Flickr look just like Pinterest. Flickr will have a new photo stream design, Justified View, and a new uploading feature called Uploadr.

Flickr head of product Markus Spiering confirmed the changes with Mashable today. The company is going to focus on user engagement with the new features. The Justified View will be going live on February 28th. The photo stream will first be going live with your contacts. The Justified View showcases bigger photos and it lacks text data. When you hover over photos, you will see tags and other information.

The new upload feature Uploadr will be live in March. It lets you drag and drop photos from your computer on to the website. Spiering said that Uploadr is more like an app and less like a website. Photos can be instantly viewed as thumbnail images allowing you to add tags as you upload.

To see photos of the new Flickr, check out the gallery below: