Flickr Video Beta Launching Next Month

Posted Mar 17, 2008

Over the weekend, Flickr hosted a party in celebration of their 4 year anniversary.  The party attracted various developers from Yahoo! and Flickr along with several online publication representatives.  Dan Farber of CNET spent time talking to Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Flickr.  It turns out that Flickr Video beta will arrive next month.

Yahoo! acquired Flickr about 3 years ago.  Since then Yahoo! Photos was entirely replaced by Flickr.  Flickr took traditional photo albums and put a Web 2.0 touch on it by adding tagging features.  In the online world of video, Google’s YouTube continues to dominate and Yahoo! Video does not get as much attention.  Hence, Flickr plans to take on YouTube by adding a video feature.  Flickr Video will not replace Yahoo! Video. 

Flickr has 23 million users.  These 23 million users are photo enthusiasts.  CNET pointed out that adding video may disinterest these users since Flickr would be moving slightly away from their core comptency.  Flickr may have to introduce this feature subtly while also proving to be value-added.

[Information Source: CNET: Flickr Video beta due in April by Dan Farber]